Adelia LeBlanc (Wanders)

Born May 24, 1859. Died August 27, 1932.

Family History

Adelia “Delia” Wanders is the mother of Florence Sullivan; the grandmother of Wilfred Sullivan, Anita Hucksam, and Barbara Galvin; the great-grandmother of William M., Rita, Clint and Jon Galvin, John, Tom, and Steven Sullivan, and Barbara Mione and Anita Cichocki; the great-great grandmother of Ann, Clare, Lynn and Christine Mione, and Rob, Bunny, and David Cihocki, and Emily, Stacey, and Eddie Sullivan, and Matt and David Galvin, and Tara Weber; the great-great-great grandmother of Ryan Weber.



Adelia Adeline LeBlanc, nee Wanders, was born on May 24, 1859, in Boston. She was the daughter, and oldest child, of William Wanders and Ann McCarthy.

Marriage and Family

Adelia married Louis LeBlanc in Boston on September 6, 1886. She was 27 at the time of the marriage (although it says “25” on her marriage certificate) and Louis was 30. She lived at 6 Wooddale Avenue in Mattapan.

Death and Burial

She died on August 27, 1932, at the age of 73. She is buried in New Cavalry Cemetery in Mattapan.


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