Ann “Annie” Wanders (McCarthy)

Born About 1837. Died November 17, 1899.

Family History

Ann Wanders (McCarthy) is the mother of Adelia Wanders; the grandmother of Florence Sullivan; the great-grandmother of Wilfred Sullivan, Anita Hucksam, and Barbara Galvin; the great-great grandmother of William M., Rita, Clint and Jon Galvin, John, Tom, and Steven Sullivan, and Barbara Mione and Anita Cichocki; the great-great-great grandmother of Ann, Clare, Lynn and Christine Mione, and Rob, Bunny, and David Cihocki, and Emily, Stacey, and Eddie Sullivan, and Matt, Kerry, Jeremy and David Galvin, and Tara Weber; the great-great-great-great grandmother of Ryan Weber.


Birth and Family

Ann “Annie” Wanders, nee McCarthy, was born in about 1837 in Athlone, Ireland. She was the daughter of Mathias McCarthy and Nellie Giblin; both were born and lived in Ireland.


Between 1846 and 1854, over a million and a half people left Irelanad for North america. Because the Cunard line terminus was then in Boiston, most of them landed there. Five percent of them died aborard the “coffin ships” on the way. Over half the immigrants were illiterate; three-quarters had no trade. Source: The Great Interlude, by Francis Russell, McGraw-Hill, 1964.

Since Massachusetts had rigid immigration controls in place up until 1849, Ann was part of the one of the earliest major waves of Irish immigration to the United States. She most likely emigrated to the United States on the S.S. “Chariot of Fire” which arrived in Boston on September 23, 1853. Ann would have been between 15 and 17 years old at this time.
Of all the “Ann McCarthy’s” who are recorded as emigrating to Boston, the Ann McCarthy who arrived in September 1853 on the “Chariot of Fire” is the only match in age for Ann Wanders (McCarthy).

Marriage and Family

Marriage Record

Wanders and McCarthy (spelled "Carty" here) are the 9th record from the top. Note the year "1855" at the top of this page. (Read: Date, Name of Groom and Bride, Place of Residence, Age at Time of Marriage, Occupation of Groom, Place of Birth for Groom and Bride, Name of Parent, 1st or 2nd Marriage for Groom and Bride, Married By

Ann married William Wanders on June 9th, 1855. It was her first marriage and his second; the ceremony was conducted by a Justice of the Peace. Their first child, Adelia Adeline Wanders, was born on May 24, 1859, at 1 Church Place in Roxbury (Boston). Their other children were: William J., Josephine, Mary, Florence (“Flossie)”, James Edward (“Eddie”) and John Francis (twins), Julia, and Ann (“Annie”).

After a brief stay of about one year in Ohio, Ann and William Wanders moved to 47 Prentiss Street, Roxbury (Boston), in 1867 and lived there the rest of their lives. Ann’s occupation was a housewife and mother. She probably could not read or write since she signed official documents with an “X”.

Death and Burial

Ann died at about age 62 on November 17, 1899, of a gastric ulcer after a 3-month illness. She is buried at Old Cavalry Cemetery, Mattapan (Boston).


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